Sunday, August 02, 2009

Who Am I? 2: We Are Many; But We Are All Alone.

3min 15" multi screen installation on monitors. 2002

Avatars are deconstructed selves in cyberspace. They represent human reality as it is - studying, watching TV, going to the bathroom and cooking. They multiply by turning up on the screen one by one or two by two. Each avatar is alone in his own space – they are alienated from each other.

In reality, we are restricted by physical space, and cannot see others who exist alone. However, cyberspace enables us to have a bird’s-eye viewpoint, a place where we can look at others all separately. At this point, cyberspace is not a mere representation of reality; it re-captures reality, presents it under a new light, and helps restore reality that is sometimes on the verge of collapsing into physical alienation.