Thursday, October 22, 2009

Wearable Computer Soft Project; I Need You.

My first idea was:

I Cannot Hear You.

“Beep! Swipe the card again.”

Everyone is wearing a wristband with a beeper on it. When someone approaches another within a certain radius, the beeper lets off warning sounds, “Beep, beep!” to prevent people from getting too near and close to each other.

This situation represents the ironic human wish to approach others, but to keep a certain distance between each other. They do take a step forward, dreaming of communion, but they cannot hear the others, because they are afraid of being hurt and, thus, obstinately keep a distance between each other. They abort communication halfway; blaming the bad connection, claiming, “Sorry, but I can’t hear you.”

From this idea, I began to think further.

Why don’t I provide a better situation rather than just expressing what I feel? Moreover, I am of the opinion that’s what artists are for. These thoughts provided me with a new idea.

Instead of the warning sound, representing how new technology can distance people, I will use soothing light and peaceful sound to give the audience peace of mind by getting close to each other.

I Need You.

Same as before, everyone is wearing a wristband which has a light in its center similar to a MacBook’s lighting: soft white and looks like breathing. If a person is alone then the light does not turn on, but if another person approaches, the light starts to react and turn on with its breathing light.

In addition to the breathing light, the sound of a bell will be activated. It will be a soft sound, yet still resonant, not high pitched but low-keyed. The subdued tone will allow the audience to meditate. At the same time, it emphasizes the community between people and their connection to each other, even though the technology makes us far away and aborts communication halfway.