Sunday, August 02, 2009

Cyberspace is another space I found. The anonymity and freedom gives me an outlet, where I can do what is impossible in reality.

I replicated my self in cyberspace, built a house for my avatar, and started to talk with it. By copying reality in cyberspace, instead of creating unrealistic images, I could re-create reality and keep an objective distance from it.

The avatar work was very time-consuming and monotonous, but the repeated editing, cutting and pasting to make it like a film totally engaged me. It all represents conversation with my self, but by securing a distance between the virtual reality and real reality, the realities mirror and strengthen each other; I am able to see my self in the recaptured reality of the cyberspace.

Who am I? ; Play Inside The Place
2min. 27" DV on monitor. 2002 exhibition mute / gallery phill in Seoul Feb. 2005