Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Before the Project

I look at my cocooned self. I have a fragile self, inside, that refuses to grow and chooses to stay secure in a small space. I consciously break shells to set myself free, to overcome stagnancy.

I am always attracted to cocoons or eggs. They represent the most secure spaces in the world that I can escape into. I feel the impulse to hide in that secure space whenever I feel hurt by the world, and I started to take an interest in the space, in particular, the most complete and independent space, in a cocoon.

However, I cannot but deconstruct the cocoons for the sake of my growth, because locking myself in, means locking others out. Escaping into a cocoon, after all, is an attempt to return to the womb.

Breaking cocoons, thus, became a rite of passage to me. It was the first step I took toward my adulthood.