Sunday, August 02, 2009

Strange... It used to happen on my birthday. The day that should have been the happiest day instead was the gloomiest day because of not hitting it off with people who were close to me. This time is exactly the same as before. No... it’s worse... I am barely holding back my tears almost bursting time and again... ‘that’s it. A birthday is nothing. Don’t think about it...While I am thinking, the cell phone rings. I shouldn’t have picked it up... I became a total mess. The tears are running and are not stopping. Don’t do that. Don’t think.To cheer myself up, I’m going out for a walk in this late night. To buy beer. ㅡ.ㅡ Yeah~! Lucky! Today, this market had my favourite sausage stick cheese tasting! Usually, they just have a squid tasting. :P Up!!
Maybe... people are easily depressed on their birthday because of expectations. Does a birthday really have that much importance? No way. Even I cannot remember the moment of my birth. On this birthday, I should congratulate my mommy for the difficult time she must have had giving birth to me.

On your 22nd Birthday C-print. 2009