Thursday, August 20, 2009

Among my few friends in Chicago, one of them came back; most of the friends are going to their countries for travel and coming back at the end of vacation. One of the most beautiful summer vacations in my life has almost gone and the first day of the fall semester is coming with a little tension and confusion.

"How's your summer?", I asked him.
"Great! I didn't want to come back."
"wow~ really? what made you think like that?"
"haha... I fall in love."
"I see~ :> so, that's why you deferred your flight ticket which was supposed to be a month ago and cancelled our u.s. road trip planned before the holiday without any notice. hah?"
"well.. haha.." he couldn't answer immediately and continued, "so I bring Marlboro case as a means of apology for you."
"cool! sounds so nice! I can save much money! ok, I'll forgive you."

Although I had been a little disappointed with him because he messed up the rest of my vacation, I could not help forgiving him due to his energetic voice and his good news.

'Congratulations, guy! keep your angel for a long time. Good luck!'

photography by young hak